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Are you looking for a guide into the shadows? We are here to help! Please look at what we offer and contact us!

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The blueprint

Need some assistance in planning your experience? We can help guide the logistics, while you focus on the creative. Rates will vary depending on length and involvement of project.

The rogue’s gallery

Want to perform our work for your audience? You can! Roam through the CURRENT PATHS tab to learn about previous projects. Rates will vary depending on project.

The EXECution

Do you just need someone to come and bring their blend of horror to your audience? We are ready to bring it to you! Whether its one of our works or a simple experience, we are always up for a challenge. Rates will vary depending on project.

The BlaCk Tank

Having trouble figuring out how you want your experience to happen? Working on various projects with well-known companies, we will develop something that will truly make a person’s skin crawl.


Need some assistance in training your monsters to be at their scariest? After having been apart of Knott’s Scary Farm for several years, we know how to resurrect your monsters and unleash terror to their fullest potential. Rate will vary depending on length and location.

Children of the shadows (Ages 15+)

Are you a kid wanting dabble in the dark? As they say, “Start them when they are young,” we, along with a parent or guardian, will talk through where to start and how to follow through to a finished experience. Rate will vary depending on project.