Special Thanks

This section is for “Friends in the Shadows,” those who contributed to CARDIAC PRODUCTIONS, no matter of size. This is for you! Thank you for all you did, whether you realize it or not.


Andrew boomer

Andrew has always been my champion. We have had conversations about this company coming into existence and he was always there by my side cheering me on! Thank you for all that you have done for me. Oh, what darkness we shall tread together!

jeff heimbuch

A “friend in the shadows” Jeff has been since I first met him in 2015, when we first started recording RETURN HOME. Never thought that our careers would take us this far but here we are. Even though during the creation process of this, I know that your voice was definitely helpful, even when all the great things were coming your way!



norm gidney

Norm has been so supportive of anyone he knows. He IS horror! He loves this community and I know that I do what I can to make him proud. This one is for you, old friend!


BERT Fulton

Not only a glamorous diva, but a major source of inspiration to anyone that crosses his path. Bert, you are truly a class act for the ages. Do no let anyone try to extinguish your light.